Crystal Space, Silsden

Friday, 22 March 2013

Hello everyone. Welcome to spring!
Its been a quiet time in the shop since the new year. The cold winter months of January and February are always the hardest for shops everywhere. I have noticed that on sunny days I do see more customers. And now its end of March and still snowing!

Some changes in shop opening hours.
I am opening 9.30-3.45 Thursdays and Fridays. If anyone would like me to open on a Saturday or Sunday or Bank Holiday please do call me on 07546 109072 and I will try to help. I am also able to offer shop sales on Thursday evenings 7-7.30pm prior to the Thursday Our Space evening workshops. And most things in the shop are also available online on the website

I can also open the shop for groups to visit and also make use of the mezzanine for refreshments. 
The Mezzanine  space can also be hired for groups or workshops 
when the shop is closed except for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday nights. 

Through April my opening times are a little different due to family holidays.

April 3rd, 4th and 5th open 10-3 and then closed til Thursday 11th April when my opening times return to 9.30-3.45.

The shop range is as follows: A wide range of healing tumblestones and raw crystals, crystal carvings and locally crafted crystal jewellery. Essential oils and incense including tree resins. I have an ongoing sale on resin currently selling 40g bags for just 90p until they are all gone. Soon I will be stocking Alchemy Incense’s marvellous and uplifting range of boxed incense. I also sell charcoal and brass resin burners as well as oil burners and incense holders. I also sell tea-lights and dinner candles.I have been selling a range of shamanic items including drums, rattles, bells, abalone shells, sage spirit sticks and loose sage. I have number of Tibetan items such a singing bowls,Tinsa cymbals and prayer flags and also a range of wooden, glass and resin Buddha’s and Dragons including amazing large Buddha masks from Bali. For Divination there are runes and tarot cards and crystal balls. Obsidian mirrors and spheres.I also stock cards and gift wrap. I have a small collection of relaxation/meditation CD’s including the wonderful licence free music from I-Chill. At just £15 for an hour long CD these are excellent value for therapists and healers who want to play relaxing, calming or uplifting music without the very expensive public performance licence fees required for copyright music.

I have some beautiful locally hand crafted items.I stock Pendle Pottery witches and cats by Lizzie Botham, Catherine Ding’s felt bowls and bags and Becky Moore’s lovely unique handbags which are exquisitely made with silk lining and spiral designs. Marion’s childrens woolly hats are a perfect gift this time of year. (Speaking of hats I still have a few festival hats left, and also Scarves from Namaste). I also have a various fair trade mosaic bowls and mirrors, wind chimes, wall hangings cushions and throws from Namaste and Siesta Crafts.
Angel Wings Art is exhibiting her wonderful angel art at the shop which also sells online via on Facebook and also the main website
I am having a permanent sale on handmade soaps to make way for new stock.

Upstairs in the mezzanine
Its been very hard going for us all with all the snow and ice these past few months but the workshops that have run at Crystal Space have been well attended. We had a beautiful Imbolc ceremony at the end of January to celebrate the return of the light and with lighter mornings and evenings it does feel like spring is just around the corner.
We have had a Tarot workshop at the end of January with Lily Oak which was very popular. Thank you to all of you who supported this workshop as Lily came all the way down from Keilder (having had to cancel the original date due to the snow). Lily has promised to return to do a part 2 Minor Arcana session.
For those of you interested in tarot cards we held a mini workshop on tarot spreads led by Michael on the first Thursday in March as part of the Our Space Programme.
Reiki Seichem level 1 with Maggie Pashley was held a few weekends ago and was well attended. Maggie is running a Level 2 Reiki/Seichem in April. You can contact her on 07939118136 or visit:

Reiki Seichem Level Initiation. Sunday 21st April with Maggie Pashley, Develop your Reiki and Seichem further by learning empowering symbols
to amplify the energy channelled. Practice ways of offering distance healing. Cost: £120 (Reiki 2 only) £150 Seichem 2, Seichem 2 for those already Reiki 2-attuned £40

The following is taken from Maggies website.
Reiki & Seichem workshops
Reiki is a form of hands-on healing which channels universal life force energy for health and well-being. This is something that has always been available but it was developed into the accessible form of Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) by a Japanese man called Dr Usui in the early 1900's. Since then it has spread throughout the world and today there are many Reiki healers throughout the world.
I was originally trained in Usui Reiki and then in the late 90's after practising Reiki for a few years cam across Seichem, a form of energy healing thought to originate in Egypt but re-introduced by an American woman called Kathleen Milner. According to Kathleen Milner's guidance, Reiki works primarily with Earth Energy while Seichem includes the Earth Energy of Reiki but also is part of a wider system which also includes the elements of Air, Fire and Water. I could certainly feel a difference and enjoyed working with Seichem and so chose to train to teach it to others. I am a Reiki and Seichem Teaching Master and member of RASA, the Reiki and Seichem Association.

I teach the following levels of training in Reiki and Seichem:

Reiki and Seichem Level 1
Through a transfer of energy called an attunement you are initiated into the first level of this healing system. The workshop includes:

  • initiation into Reiki or Seichem Level 1
  • guidance on how to use this energy for self-healing
  • guidance on how to use this energy on other people and on animals
  • practise sessions
  • ways of using Reiki and Seichem for self-development
I teach Reiki and Seichem in the same class as the basics of using these energies for healing are broadly similar. The attunement differs as extra energies are passed on in the Seichem attunement.
You may choose to either begin with Reiki or Seichem. Reiki is a gentler energy and Seichem is in my opinion fuller and more versatile. The choice is yours -whether you want to start gently and build up or whether you know you are ready to go straight to Seichem. If you do choose to begin with Reiki you can have the Seichem attunement at a later date and simply pay an additional fee. If in doubt as to which of these is right for you, ask me.

Reiki and Seichem 2
In this workshop you can build on the foundations of Level 1 and receive:
  • attunement into Reiki or Seichem 2
  • instruction on how to use symbols for deeper healings and healing practice with these symbols
  • guidelines and practice on doing distant healing.
Reiki and Seichem 3 and Teaching Master
Please ask me for details.
Do you really need Reiki in order to be a healer ?

No. of course you don't. I know some really good healers who are not Reiki-trained. I believe we all have healing abilities and these can be developed in different ways. However, I believe that for many people a Reiki attunement can be a very easy way of allowing people to open to those natural abilities and provide a framework to develop them.
Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone me on 01535 957493 or 07939118136 to discuss how learning Reiki and Seichem could benefit you.

Also in early March  was this wonderful new workshop.
Metamorphic Technique with Maggie Pashley
Spread your wings with Metamorphic Technique - the easy way to change limiting patterns and become the person you were born to be.

Metamorphic Technique involves a gentle touch on the feet, hands and head, on points representative of conception, our time in the womb and birth. The touch is feather-like and non-directive. It is not seeking to change the receiver or envisage an outcome. The practitioner is simply acting as a catalyst, a space in which old patterns can be loosened and transformation can occur.
My workshops are small, interactive and practical. You will learn how to offer Metamorphic Technique sessions and the importance of maintaining an open, detached attitude while working. You'll learn the deep principles of which the technique is based. And you'll learn how the experiences we have during our time in the womb and at our birth influence the way we respond to life, interact in relationships and manage big transitions such as a new environment, pregnancy, birth, change of job, confusion about we are and so on.

People who choose to do this workshop tend to include those interested in self-development, healing and consciousness., people wanting to offer this to family members, practitioners wanting to offer this to clients ,pregnant women and those with young children and people open to a new way of dealing with life's challenges.
This is a 2 day workshop, Saturday and Sunday 10am- 4pm. Cost: £120 or £80 for those repeating the workshop.
For more info: contact Maggie on 07938118136, email: or book on-line at her Metamorphic Technique website: And if you can't make the workshop you can always come and have a personal session with her at Crystal Space.

You can find information about these and many other therapies offered by Maggie Pashley on her website

Thank you Maggie!

Another first at Crystal space is a series of Crystal Healing workshops.

Crystal Healing 1 with Karina Shaw. Saturday March 9th 2-4pm Choosing crystals and how to care for them -cleansing, dedicating and programming. £15 (or £40 for all three Crystal healing workshops listed).

Crystal Healing 2 with Karina Shaw. - Crystals and the chakra system, £15 (or £40 for all three Crystal healing workshops listed). March 23rd 2-5pm

Crystals Healing 3 with Karina Shaw: (date to be confirmed)  . Crystals for meditation and healing £15 or £40 for all three Crystal healing workshops listed.

Please contact me in the first instance to book your place.

Another new group at Crystal space……

Silsden Druid Group
The Silsden Druid Group meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm in the beautiful room above Ally’s Crystal Shop, when the group studies the gwersi or lessons of the course of OBOD (The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids). This course is extensive, learned, vast and magical. We follow it on paper and by listening to the CDs. There is always a meditation and we celebrate the Eight Great Festivals and develop our knowledge of the ancient heritage and divine wisdom of the Druid path, the study of Celtic Wisdom and the Ogham Celtic Tree Alphabet. We also celebrate the creativity of members including poetry and novels, art and craft. In addition there is an Event which is always held on the afternoon of the 3rd Saturday of every month, either at Crystal Space or in a cave by a waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales. On May 18th: it's: Becoming the Celtic God/Goddess: The Celtic God Llugh is invoked into the men in the men’s Group; the Goddess Bride into the women into the women’s group, and the two groups then affirm and honour the sacred Divine of the ancient Celts. Subsequent events include: Vision quest and cave drumming, Shape-shifting: The story of Taliesin: Power animals, Totems and Helpers of Celtic Britain, Seership, Journey for Celtic Archetypes of Britain such as The Mabon, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Sun archetype; Death and Rebirth Ritual, The Ogham pathways and Celtic Otherworlds For details, please contact Suzanna or for more details and see the group’s website:

And also……

The Northern Healing Arts Project.
This is a new venture I am organising and it has a page on facebook –

Its all about a talented group of healers, readers, crafters and artists who as a group travel about the north of England mostly outside the festival season i.e Sept to May (with the exception of some one day outdoor events) and offer fairs and eventually a festival. We use locations in areas rotating around the mid north e.g Pendle villages/ Yorkshire dales. We want to offer a unique type of fair with traditional hand made arts and crafts with artisans from the north of England and also stalls selling items associated with health and healing and earth based spirituality including crystals. oils incense and magical and shamanic tools and drums, singing bowls etc. We will also be offering healing sessions and workshops wherever possible. I will post more details about venues/dates in future newsletters.

Ongoing Events

Our Space nights. Thursdays 7.30-9.30.
New members are always welcome and so if you have never been to an Our Space night you are cordially invited!

Our Space, formed by a group of like-minded people who want to share the rich experience of spiritual development and healing with others.
We meet every week on Thursdays, upstairs at Crystal Space, Silsden, West Yorkshire. There are themes to each Thursday throughout the month.

1st Thursday Talks and practice on magickal working, cleansing and protection, developing and working in sacred space, working with intension and focus, working with dreams, scrying and other forms of divination, Tarot reading and working with different spreads, astrology etc.

2nd Thursday- Shamanic Journeying With The Tarot. Led by MichealConneely, a 'drop in' style group.

3rd Thursdays - Healing Share Group.this will include reilki shares and other healing practices, chakra balancing, working with crystals and healing meditations and chanting.

4th Thursdays - Shamanic Development Group facilitated by Michael Conneely, core shamanic refreshers development of practice, sharing concerns etc in a supportive space.

We also celebrate the eight festivals of the wheel of the year on the nearest Thursday to the sabbat. On These occasions the celebration replaces the usual themed Our Space night and we all bring a contribution to the communal feast plus a small donation to the ceremonialist to cover materials costs etc.

Meditation. Various meditations can be offered on Mondays (which fall outside of the theme nights aforementioned) e.g second, third, fourth or fifth Monday. these would be advertised in advance and run if sufficient commitment is reached at the time.

All Our Space events are £2to cost of refreshments and heating etc.

If you would like to join ‘Our Space’ to attend our evenings please click 'friend request ' to Ally Wilkin Facebook or email Ally for more information via facebook or

This is the Our Space calendar for March /April/May 2013.

7th Tarot Cards and Tarot Spreads: learn how to use different Tarot Card Spreads for awareness and prediction. with Michael

14th Tarot and Shamanic Journeying with Michael. See Jan 10th.

21st Ostara: Spring Equinox Festival Celebration with Emma.

28th Shamanic development with Michael. Heal present and past wounds. Learn shamanic techniques such as power animal retrieval.

4th Opening to Channel Maggie will show you ways of accessing deeper wisdom from your intuition and connecting with guidance.

11th Tarot and Shamanic Journeying with Michael. See Jan 10th.

18th Sending Remote or Distance Healing with Maggie. Maggie will demonstrate ways of sending energy to help people and animals wherever they are.

25th Shamanic Development with Michael. Heal present and past wounds. Learn shamanic techniques such as extraction of intrusive or negative energies.

2nd Beltain: Festival Celebration led by Emma 

9th Shamanic Journeying with the Tarot led by Michael. We chose and share on a card individually drawn from the Tarot, then find the deep meaning in our life by visionary trance journeying to shamanic drumming and didge.

16th Sound Healing and kundalini energy work with Alan

23rd Shamanic Development with Michael. Heal present and past wounds. Learn shamanic techniques such as life-script, curse or thought-form unravelling.

30th Munay-ki presentation with Ally: Munay-Ki is the shamanic system presented to the West by Alberto Villoldo following his long contact with the Laika Tribe in Peru.  It offers opportunity for great power, wisdom and transformation

In addition to the Thursday night calendar of workshops there are also other evening and weekend workshops available.
Unless otherwise stated contact Ally on 07546 109072 or email to find out more information or to book your place.

Drop -In Rune Workshop every fourth Wednesday 7.30pm With Michael Conneely.
The Runes are powerful and ancient magic. Each tells us about a key facet of our life. Each is a key to deep personal transformation. The Runes were the alphabet of the ancient Norse and other peoples of Northern Europe. But they are also Gateways to new ways of being, ways of bringing in needed change. We study one Rune each week, working with trance drumming, rune-stance and chanting. Supportive and caring. Cost: £5 Contact Michael via Email: or Tel: 07799296821.

The Ogham Group will be back with us after we finish the runes.

More events are listed on the website

Munay-Ki with Ally Wilkin and other initiates.

I am really pleased to be able to invite you to receive Initiation into the Nine Rites of Munay Ki. These energetic transmissions bring in great healing and clarity as well as offering very practical tools to help you in the challenges of everyday life, enabling you to move beyond limiting scripts.

Myself and other initiates have found receiving the energies of Munay-Ki shamanism to be a life-changing experience, which does help us move positively into being the people we were born to be.. The key to its great power is that you actually receive its energies into your energy body or Luminous energy field (also referred to as your aura). You also receive connection to great lineages of Healers, Earthkeepers and other great beings.

The archetypes of Munay-Ki that are placed in your energy body help us to shed destructive old patterns, and arise in light and power. These archetypes are Serpent who sheds his skin, Jaguar who defends your medicine space, Humming Bird who can undertake great journeys and drink deeply from the nectar of life and Eagle with whom you can see the great picture and fly wing to wing with Great Spirit, Huascar, the Guardian of your Underworld, Quetzalcoatl who empowers you to organise your day to day life according to your true destiny and calling, and Pachakuti who commands and directs your life.

We are now offering the following three great opportunities to receive these initiations at Crystal Space, Silsden.

Five Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm from 14th May 2013 With Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley (up to 8 places available).

Five Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm from June 18th 2013-03-21 with Ally Wilkin (up to 8 places available.

Two Saturdays, 1st and 29th June, 10am to 4pm (both days need to be attended to receive all nine rites).

And for those living long distance in UK, or abroad, who have expressed a desire to receive the Rites, we can offer you a three day initiation around either one of these two Saturdays, and recommend accommodation locally, for example in Haworth, home of the Bronte novelists, or Skipton, Gateway to the stunningly lovely Yorkshire Dales.

see for more information.

In addition to the workshops there are Individual Sessions at Crystal Space.

Emotion Code and Body Code, Metamorphic Technique, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Seichem (Including attunements), Quantam Touch, Chakra Balancing, Sound Healing, Reflexology with Maggie Pashley

Western and Vedic Astrology, Runes and Shamanic Healing with Michael Conneely. Available as 1-1 Therapy and readings, courses and workshops.

Reiki and Crystal Healing with Karina Shaw. £30 for 1 hour, £45 for 1.5 hours.

Reflexology/Aromatherapy/Bowen Technique with Catherine Wells. Wednesday afternoons from 1pm. Book via Ally at Crystal Space.

Reiki/various massage with Lois Skilleter .

Alexander Technique with Sarah Brown.

Homeopathy with Emma Colley - Mondays and Tuesdays.

Angelic Reiki with Krista Muff.

Tarot reading with Angel Claivoyant and Paula Malone.

Love and blessings to all.