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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


It’s been over a month since my last blog so I thought I should try and put down some more words before the festive season arrived. Unfortunately, it crept up on me faster than I anticipated! It’s been a very busy lead up to Yule at Crystal Space.

Over recent weeks I have added lots of local, hand-made crafts. Rossana, my resident tarot reader, makes the most fabulous dolls and having sold one already I have two left needing a loving home.

I also have some beautiful crystal artwork by local artist Julie Bell. Julie has her own website where all her other work can be viewed:

A long time friend of mine and peter's, Max Law has brought in some of his photos.

Max is becoming well known for his incredible pictures of birds and his work can be seen at various venues throughout the UK:

Marion, Max's partner, has also given me some of her unique, hand knitted children's hats to sell. They are so cute!

I was at a craft fair in Saltaire recently and met two marvellous local artisans: Becky Moore who makes the most gorgeus handbags with spiral designs ...

... and Catherine, who creates lovely felt bowls.

Crystal Space is being honoured by Kam Tunningley's Transformational Healing Art. Please visit her website for more details and to see her beautiful artwork.

Upstairs has been busy too. The Monday mediations have been going very well with an average of seven or eight people coming each week. The group, which is currently closed for the festivities, will start meeting again on the 2nd January. There has been some interest, too, in a morning meditation group that we hope to make available from mid January.

Here is the 'Our Space' programme for Thursday nights at Crystal Space from the new year. I am sure you will agree it looks very exciting and inspirational. Certainly there are subjects very new to me and I am so looking forward to them all.

Joanne Purdie has offered to do all the sabbat ceremonies (those which she can attend) and we have decided to have a 'Jacob's Join' so we can all contribute to the ceremony. On these nights there  will be no admission charge.
All the other dates are £5 per person, including refreshments. All the talks will include or be followed by a related meditation. Please book your place for any dates including the sabbats via Our Space or directly with me at the shop or by phone/text. 

There will be other speakers/talks to follow those listed here later on in the year, including talks on aromatherapy, reflexology, homeopathy, acupuncture, hatha Yoga and  burning incense and oils. 

I would like to express my thanks to Jo, Kam and Sandie for their commitment to the Our Space calendar thus far.

5th – Working with Mandalas – Led by Sandie

12th  - Introduction to Tarot Reading – Led by Joanne Purdie

19th, Exploring Soul Path Work to Heal Your Life -  Led by Kam Tunningley.
Discover how to bring about powerful change in your everyday life and embrace your Self to ultimately discover your Soul Purpose.

26th - Introduction to ‘The Chakra System of the human energy field’ – Led by  Joanne Purdie.

2nd  Imbolc (Candlemas) talk and ceremony.  Led by Jo Purdie. (Free with Jacob's Join)

9th   Introduction to Reiki – (Attendance of The Chakra System talk recommended).  - Led by Joanne Purdie

16th Working with Guides and Angels – Led by Kam Tunningley.
Everyone has Spiritual Guides and Angels with them.  How do your Spiritual Guides work with you?  Learn how to be more aware of their presence in your life.

23rd Introduction to Crystal Healing - (Attendance of The Chakra System talk recommended). Led by Joanne Purdie.


1st  Meet one of your Spiritual Guides - Practical Session with Guided Visualisation – Led by Kam Tunningley.

8th  Cleansing Rituals - Cleansing Objects, Spaces and Auras, using different methods, tools and substances. Led by Joanne Purdie.

15th The Nature of Dreams – Led by Kam Tunningley
Discover more about your dreams, the different levels of dreaming and how to interpret your dreams. 

22nd  An Introduction to Magical Working - Basic Rituals and Ceremonies, and the Power of Intention, Focus and Symbolism. -  Led by Joanne Purdie

29th  Shamanic Healing - The Medicine Wheel - The Directions, The Elements, and the Realms of the Minerals, Plants, Animals and Humans.  Led by Joanne Purdie

5th   Shamanic Healing - Women's Medicine - Aligning Moon and Womb.  Led by Joanne Purdie

12th  Shamanic Healing - Power Retrieval - Calling for a gift of energy to empower the human energy field-  Led by Joanne Purdie

19th  Shamanic Healing - Extraction - Taking detrimental energies from the human energy field – (Pre-requisite attendance of Power Retrieval talk and meditation). – Led by Joanne Purdie.

26th  Shamanic Healing - Soul Retrieval - Retrieving personal vital soul essence that may have been lost due to trauma, stress or grief, at any time of life.  Led by Joanne Purdie

3rd  Beltane ceremony and talk – (Free with Jacobs Join) – Led by Joanne Purdie

10th   Using Guided Visualisation for Healing
Using Colour Healing for the Chakras.– Led by Kam Tunningley.

17th Natural Symbolism, working with Nature – Led by Kam Tunningley
Take a look at the Sacred Power of Nature from a Native American view.  The Medicine of all our Relations, within the natural landscape.

24th Self Development through Meditation – Led by  Kam Tunningley.
Practical session – using ‘spirit led’ guided visualisation to give you a reflection of where you are currently in yourself development.

31st May - 
Emerald Alignment Meditation and Ribbons of
Light global peace meditations Led by 'The Rainbow Light Foundation'.

We had an amazing solstice party on the 21st to which most of the people who have been coming to the meditations and also some of the therapists and healers who are available at Crystal Space attended. Kam Tunningley led the shamanic-based ceremony and she related a story before engaging us all in a guided visualisation meditation. This was followed by a short poetry reading of poems that, somehow, linked into the winter solstice. This was followed by a feast and much merriment ~ and a good time was had by all. 

The next sabbat ceremony will be the 2nd February - free with a Jacob's join. 

The next event at Crystal Space is the poetry night on the 30th December. Please text or email me if you would like to come. Numbers are limited to a max of 18 and 10 booked so far!

All that remains is for me to offer sincere thanks again to everyone who has supported me since I opened just two months ago and to wish you all a very happy yule and blessings for the New Year ahead.

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