Crystal Space, Silsden

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Crystal Space ~ update.

It has been just two weeks since I opened the shop & so much has happened already. Initially, it felt very daunting being in the shop on my own but two lovely local ladies, Sandie & Laura, have adopted me & we seem to have formed the seeds of a community at Crystal Space. It feels absolutely wonderful to have such hands-on support right now. In fact, we have planned an initial committee meeting for tomorrow that Sandie, myself &, hopefully, Kam & Jo ~ two other therapists ~ plan to attend. We aim to develop the idea of a shared space for talks, circle meetings, meditations & workshops & to offer a membership to what we have decided to call ‘Our Space’, where most activities will be offered at a reduced price for members.

The directory of therapists & healers, which I am developing at Crystal Space, is continuing to grow. We now have aromatherapy offered by Sandie, soul path reading by Kam, tarot reading & clairvoyance by Rossana & Hot Stones massage, Swedish massage & Indian head massage from Jo. By the end of this week I hope to have three more therapists on board offering reflexology, reiki & various other therapies. I have also met a lady called Eve who does tarot, oracle & crystal reading & she, too, is interested in coming along to Crystal Space. I would still like to hear from any local practitioners qualified in crystal healing &/or any of the aforementioned therapies.

Our first meditation group starts on 14th November & already a number of people have expressed an interest in coming along. We may need to put on a second session later in the month on a different day.

After a week’s advertising on Fresh Radio I headed off to the Fresh Radio studios for a live interview. Initially I was absolutely petrified but after the first few questions I felt more at ease & the interview went really well … I think!

The local cafes & newsagents in Silsden have been very supportive towards Crystal Space & I have also put us on The shop really seems to have come to life & feels to be brimming with positive energy. So, to everyone who has been in the shop & supported Crystal Space in any way at all, thank you so much.

Next week I really need to get my head down to my bookkeeping & other administrative chores but I also hope to have some space to start my first, weekly ‘about crystals’ blog on my website. Each week I plan to highlight one crystal & write about its characteristics and properties. I will happily dedicate any crystal to anyone if you can let me know if there is a particular crystal that you would like to know more about. Alternatively, if you could let me know what kind of healing you might need, I could search for the most appropriate crystal & dedicate it to you on my blog.

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