Crystal Space, Silsden

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Crystal Space ~ a poem by Abigail Baker

I received an unexpected but lovely surprise the other day. It was a poem, written by Abigail Baker, to celebrate the opening of my shop, Crystal Space. All the more surprising because I have never met or spoken to Abigail before. She is one of a close group of friends whom my husband, Pete, chats to on Twitter. 

So, a huge 'thank you' to Abigail for her beautiful poem and an open invitation to her to come up and spend some time with us whenever she wishes.

Crystal Space
by Abigail Baker

Black as the onyx night
silhouettes gilded silver
touched by moonstone's brush.
Silence undisturbed by obsidian
snowflakes falling,
watching through cat's eyes
mystic movement caught
among the amethyst shadows.
Shapes appear through
smoky quartz rose beds,
sliding in serpentine lines.
A bloodstone flash,
amber eye fierce
as any tiger's glare.
Shining polished chrome
outlines coral coils,
stars light sunstone revelation.
Lit in sudden beam of tourmaline,
he turns lashing verdite tail
gone, leaving ruby vapour trail.
Hidden in peridot indignation
this cornelian dragon rests,
feeling safe in this crystal space.

You can read more of Abigail's beautiful poetry here and here


  1. Oh, how beautiful! May the dragon always be tamed by the power of crystals ;-)

  2. Marvellous, a safe haven for that 'cornelian dragon' ~ looks lovely, warm and welcoming ~'stars light sunstone revelation'
    Best wishes to you and Pete
    x x
    lovely write
    Lib x

  3. Thank you Martin. Abi has written a lovely poem.

  4. Ally,

    Just wanted to say thanks for blogging my poem. So glad you liked it and I look forward to seeing your shop in person.

    As my friends will confirm, I have a habit of writing poems either about or for people who inspire me.

    Thanks to you and Pete for being two of those people!

    Abi Baker :-)

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing the poem framed and on the wall - on Saturday - Peter, one more job to do! ;-). Well done on a very special poem, Abi.

  6. Abi, Thank you again for your poem and lovely words for me and pete. ..........and yes John, It will be on show at crystal space. Looking forward to seing you again. x

  7. @Abi- Love the poem. It was wonderful of you to write one for the occasion. =3

  8. So true Nick. Its a baptism of words. Best wishes.