Crystal Space, Silsden

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Crystal Space ~ a poem by Abigail Baker

I received an unexpected but lovely surprise the other day. It was a poem, written by Abigail Baker, to celebrate the opening of my shop, Crystal Space. All the more surprising because I have never met or spoken to Abigail before. She is one of a close group of friends whom my husband, Pete, chats to on Twitter. 

So, a huge 'thank you' to Abigail for her beautiful poem and an open invitation to her to come up and spend some time with us whenever she wishes.

Crystal Space
by Abigail Baker

Black as the onyx night
silhouettes gilded silver
touched by moonstone's brush.
Silence undisturbed by obsidian
snowflakes falling,
watching through cat's eyes
mystic movement caught
among the amethyst shadows.
Shapes appear through
smoky quartz rose beds,
sliding in serpentine lines.
A bloodstone flash,
amber eye fierce
as any tiger's glare.
Shining polished chrome
outlines coral coils,
stars light sunstone revelation.
Lit in sudden beam of tourmaline,
he turns lashing verdite tail
gone, leaving ruby vapour trail.
Hidden in peridot indignation
this cornelian dragon rests,
feeling safe in this crystal space.

You can read more of Abigail's beautiful poetry here and here

Monday, 24 October 2011

Crystal Space

Having spent 25 years (more than half my life) working as a psychiatric nurse, the opportunity arose to realize my dream of opening a crystal shop and healing centre. With the unswerving support of my husband Peter, I decided to take the huge leap from my old and very safe career path with the NHS to something completely new. Although crystals are something I know a little about already, the world of commerce was a foreign country to me. I embarked on some courses with Airedale Enterprise Centre and with a little knowledge of setting up my own business I found what felt to be the perfect space in the village of Silsden, West Yorkshire.

Six months later, ‘Crystal Space’ has become a reality.

With help from my husband and some fantastic local tradesmen, I managed to design and stock the shop the way I had always imagined it would be. And on Thursday 20th October 2011, I opened my front door to members of the public.

From the very beginning I wanted Crystal Space to be much more than just a shop selling crystals. I imagined it as a tranquil space where people could relax and chat amidst an atmosphere of calm.

I also wanted it to have a healing element to it, so upstairs in the mezzanine I have created a  space where guest therapists/healers will come along and provide complimentary therapies for individuals and groups.

The space can also be used for workshops and meetings.

In the main body of the shop there are the most beautiful crystals for sale: 

everything from small tumblestones to large amethyst clusters and caves.

I also have a selection of Buddhas, dragons, crystal balls, incense, essential oils, wall hangings and throws and various ethnic gifts.

There is also a corner of the shop dedicated to the work of my friend and pottery teacher Lizzie Botham, who creates the most enchanting clay witches, cauldrons and cats. Currently there are two of Lizzie's fantastic tall witches on display.

As the weeks roll by I hope to bring you regular news and more photos on this blog about the shop’s progress and the lovely products that I have for sale. I am also hoping to have my website up and running before the end of November where you will be able to view all my products and make purchases if you wish. If you want to make any enquiries before then please do get in touch via email or this blog. Alternatively, you can always come along and see for yourself and experience the unique atmosphere of Crystal Space.