Crystal Space, Silsden

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


It’s been over a month since my last blog so I thought I should try and put down some more words before the festive season arrived. Unfortunately, it crept up on me faster than I anticipated! It’s been a very busy lead up to Yule at Crystal Space.

Over recent weeks I have added lots of local, hand-made crafts. Rossana, my resident tarot reader, makes the most fabulous dolls and having sold one already I have two left needing a loving home.

I also have some beautiful crystal artwork by local artist Julie Bell. Julie has her own website where all her other work can be viewed:

A long time friend of mine and peter's, Max Law has brought in some of his photos.

Max is becoming well known for his incredible pictures of birds and his work can be seen at various venues throughout the UK:

Marion, Max's partner, has also given me some of her unique, hand knitted children's hats to sell. They are so cute!

I was at a craft fair in Saltaire recently and met two marvellous local artisans: Becky Moore who makes the most gorgeus handbags with spiral designs ...

... and Catherine, who creates lovely felt bowls.

Crystal Space is being honoured by Kam Tunningley's Transformational Healing Art. Please visit her website for more details and to see her beautiful artwork.

Upstairs has been busy too. The Monday mediations have been going very well with an average of seven or eight people coming each week. The group, which is currently closed for the festivities, will start meeting again on the 2nd January. There has been some interest, too, in a morning meditation group that we hope to make available from mid January.

Here is the 'Our Space' programme for Thursday nights at Crystal Space from the new year. I am sure you will agree it looks very exciting and inspirational. Certainly there are subjects very new to me and I am so looking forward to them all.

Joanne Purdie has offered to do all the sabbat ceremonies (those which she can attend) and we have decided to have a 'Jacob's Join' so we can all contribute to the ceremony. On these nights there  will be no admission charge.
All the other dates are £5 per person, including refreshments. All the talks will include or be followed by a related meditation. Please book your place for any dates including the sabbats via Our Space or directly with me at the shop or by phone/text. 

There will be other speakers/talks to follow those listed here later on in the year, including talks on aromatherapy, reflexology, homeopathy, acupuncture, hatha Yoga and  burning incense and oils. 

I would like to express my thanks to Jo, Kam and Sandie for their commitment to the Our Space calendar thus far.

5th – Working with Mandalas – Led by Sandie

12th  - Introduction to Tarot Reading – Led by Joanne Purdie

19th, Exploring Soul Path Work to Heal Your Life -  Led by Kam Tunningley.
Discover how to bring about powerful change in your everyday life and embrace your Self to ultimately discover your Soul Purpose.

26th - Introduction to ‘The Chakra System of the human energy field’ – Led by  Joanne Purdie.

2nd  Imbolc (Candlemas) talk and ceremony.  Led by Jo Purdie. (Free with Jacob's Join)

9th   Introduction to Reiki – (Attendance of The Chakra System talk recommended).  - Led by Joanne Purdie

16th Working with Guides and Angels – Led by Kam Tunningley.
Everyone has Spiritual Guides and Angels with them.  How do your Spiritual Guides work with you?  Learn how to be more aware of their presence in your life.

23rd Introduction to Crystal Healing - (Attendance of The Chakra System talk recommended). Led by Joanne Purdie.


1st  Meet one of your Spiritual Guides - Practical Session with Guided Visualisation – Led by Kam Tunningley.

8th  Cleansing Rituals - Cleansing Objects, Spaces and Auras, using different methods, tools and substances. Led by Joanne Purdie.

15th The Nature of Dreams – Led by Kam Tunningley
Discover more about your dreams, the different levels of dreaming and how to interpret your dreams. 

22nd  An Introduction to Magical Working - Basic Rituals and Ceremonies, and the Power of Intention, Focus and Symbolism. -  Led by Joanne Purdie

29th  Shamanic Healing - The Medicine Wheel - The Directions, The Elements, and the Realms of the Minerals, Plants, Animals and Humans.  Led by Joanne Purdie

5th   Shamanic Healing - Women's Medicine - Aligning Moon and Womb.  Led by Joanne Purdie

12th  Shamanic Healing - Power Retrieval - Calling for a gift of energy to empower the human energy field-  Led by Joanne Purdie

19th  Shamanic Healing - Extraction - Taking detrimental energies from the human energy field – (Pre-requisite attendance of Power Retrieval talk and meditation). – Led by Joanne Purdie.

26th  Shamanic Healing - Soul Retrieval - Retrieving personal vital soul essence that may have been lost due to trauma, stress or grief, at any time of life.  Led by Joanne Purdie

3rd  Beltane ceremony and talk – (Free with Jacobs Join) – Led by Joanne Purdie

10th   Using Guided Visualisation for Healing
Using Colour Healing for the Chakras.– Led by Kam Tunningley.

17th Natural Symbolism, working with Nature – Led by Kam Tunningley
Take a look at the Sacred Power of Nature from a Native American view.  The Medicine of all our Relations, within the natural landscape.

24th Self Development through Meditation – Led by  Kam Tunningley.
Practical session – using ‘spirit led’ guided visualisation to give you a reflection of where you are currently in yourself development.

31st May - 
Emerald Alignment Meditation and Ribbons of
Light global peace meditations Led by 'The Rainbow Light Foundation'.

We had an amazing solstice party on the 21st to which most of the people who have been coming to the meditations and also some of the therapists and healers who are available at Crystal Space attended. Kam Tunningley led the shamanic-based ceremony and she related a story before engaging us all in a guided visualisation meditation. This was followed by a short poetry reading of poems that, somehow, linked into the winter solstice. This was followed by a feast and much merriment ~ and a good time was had by all. 

The next sabbat ceremony will be the 2nd February - free with a Jacob's join. 

The next event at Crystal Space is the poetry night on the 30th December. Please text or email me if you would like to come. Numbers are limited to a max of 18 and 10 booked so far!

All that remains is for me to offer sincere thanks again to everyone who has supported me since I opened just two months ago and to wish you all a very happy yule and blessings for the New Year ahead.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Crystal Space one month on

Since my last posting, plans for the healing space upstairs are going very well. Kam, Sandie and I met up to talk about the 'Our Space' nights and we have agreed to open a group on Facebook to promote 'Our Space'. This is what I have posted so far on the group page:

 “Welcome to Our Space, initially formed by a group of like-minded people who want to share the rich experience of spiritual development and healing with others. We can offer meditations and an introduction to alternative healing in an environment dedicated to bringing harmony to mind, body and spirit.
From the new year we plan to meet every week, upstairs at Crystal Space, Silsden, West Yorkshire and either offer a meditation or invite a speaker on a relevant topic e.g. crystal healing, shamanic healing, complimentary therapies such as aromatherapy and reflexology and massage and also reiki, tarot and soul path reading. We would also like to offer taster evenings where a therapy can be experienced first-hand for a fraction of its usual cost.

If you would like to join Our Space to attend our evenings, please click 'friend request ' to Ally and/or email Ally for more information via Facebook or

Kam and I met on Wednesday to sort out the Facebook page. I wanted to create an independent page for 'Our Space' but just couldn't do it for some reason. So anyone who wants to join the online forum for this group, please find me on Facebook, ask to be my friend and I will hook you up to the group. This means you will get notifications of postings and can add posts to the forum. All details of 'Our Space' nights will be posted on my website and advertised in the shop and also on

I have also met up with Joanne Purdie, who I first found at the recent Ilkley Complimentary Medicine festival. Joanne is going to be offering a range of healing therapies at Crystal Space, including Reiki and Shamanic healing. Please see my website and also Joanne's website for more information on her inspiring approach to healing. Coming up very soon is the opportunity to participate in a Reiki 1 course with Joanne and also in the New Year a 6-week course on tarot reading. Please see my website for more details on these very exciting courses.

I also met up with Catherine Wells, who is a practising reflexologist and aromatherapist and also offers the Bowen Technique. Please see my website for more details. Catherine will be available on Wednesday afternoons.

We had our first meditation last Monday. Sandie ran the meditation and it was absolutely wonderful. There were seven of us in attendance. Everyone wanted the opportunity to return weekly so Sandie has kindly offered to run the group every Monday. She is going to build up the length of the meditation every week to break us in gently. However, new people can come in at any point as an explanation and support will be given every time.

I must make a mention of a surprise visit from Simon and Kate from Alchemy Incense. I was delighted to see them both and I hope Simon will come and give a talk on incense and oils on one of our Thursday 'Our Space' nights.

This week my friend Tanya came in with some of her lovely crystal jewellery, which I am going to sell in the shop, starting with a lapis lazuli range to link with the current Sagittarius star sign.

Yesterday a lady called Karina came in the shop and we talked for some time about her experience of giving reiki from a distance. Karina is a reiki master and crystal healer and I hope she will be able to do some work at Crystal Space and also join us on Our Space nights.

I have been very busy working on my website over the past few weeks and I still hope to be able to start online sales by December. I also need to inform you that opening times at Crystal Space have changed slightly. The shop is now open on Mondays 1.00 - 6.30 and Tuesdays 1.30 – 4.00 and 10.00 – 4.00 Wednesday to Saturday. I will be opening late on Thursdays instead of Mondays from the beginning of December.

Finally, I want to share with you a marvellous place Pete and I visited today in Keighley: Cliffe Castle museum. Karina told me about it and mainly I wanted to see the fabulous selection of crystals there. Karina mentioned a piece of Malachite carved into a face, which was quite stunning.  I was so impressed with all the crystals, particularly the pieces of labradorite, quartz, hematite, azurite and many more rare specimens.

In addition to the crystals there are so many other interesting things to see (see photos below). Entry to the Castle and parking are both free and I highly recommend you go along and see for yourselves. You could easily spend a whole day wandering around the castle and the beautiful park that surrounds it.  

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Crystal Space ~ update.

It has been just two weeks since I opened the shop & so much has happened already. Initially, it felt very daunting being in the shop on my own but two lovely local ladies, Sandie & Laura, have adopted me & we seem to have formed the seeds of a community at Crystal Space. It feels absolutely wonderful to have such hands-on support right now. In fact, we have planned an initial committee meeting for tomorrow that Sandie, myself &, hopefully, Kam & Jo ~ two other therapists ~ plan to attend. We aim to develop the idea of a shared space for talks, circle meetings, meditations & workshops & to offer a membership to what we have decided to call ‘Our Space’, where most activities will be offered at a reduced price for members.

The directory of therapists & healers, which I am developing at Crystal Space, is continuing to grow. We now have aromatherapy offered by Sandie, soul path reading by Kam, tarot reading & clairvoyance by Rossana & Hot Stones massage, Swedish massage & Indian head massage from Jo. By the end of this week I hope to have three more therapists on board offering reflexology, reiki & various other therapies. I have also met a lady called Eve who does tarot, oracle & crystal reading & she, too, is interested in coming along to Crystal Space. I would still like to hear from any local practitioners qualified in crystal healing &/or any of the aforementioned therapies.

Our first meditation group starts on 14th November & already a number of people have expressed an interest in coming along. We may need to put on a second session later in the month on a different day.

After a week’s advertising on Fresh Radio I headed off to the Fresh Radio studios for a live interview. Initially I was absolutely petrified but after the first few questions I felt more at ease & the interview went really well … I think!

The local cafes & newsagents in Silsden have been very supportive towards Crystal Space & I have also put us on The shop really seems to have come to life & feels to be brimming with positive energy. So, to everyone who has been in the shop & supported Crystal Space in any way at all, thank you so much.

Next week I really need to get my head down to my bookkeeping & other administrative chores but I also hope to have some space to start my first, weekly ‘about crystals’ blog on my website. Each week I plan to highlight one crystal & write about its characteristics and properties. I will happily dedicate any crystal to anyone if you can let me know if there is a particular crystal that you would like to know more about. Alternatively, if you could let me know what kind of healing you might need, I could search for the most appropriate crystal & dedicate it to you on my blog.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Crystal Space ~ a poem by Abigail Baker

I received an unexpected but lovely surprise the other day. It was a poem, written by Abigail Baker, to celebrate the opening of my shop, Crystal Space. All the more surprising because I have never met or spoken to Abigail before. She is one of a close group of friends whom my husband, Pete, chats to on Twitter. 

So, a huge 'thank you' to Abigail for her beautiful poem and an open invitation to her to come up and spend some time with us whenever she wishes.

Crystal Space
by Abigail Baker

Black as the onyx night
silhouettes gilded silver
touched by moonstone's brush.
Silence undisturbed by obsidian
snowflakes falling,
watching through cat's eyes
mystic movement caught
among the amethyst shadows.
Shapes appear through
smoky quartz rose beds,
sliding in serpentine lines.
A bloodstone flash,
amber eye fierce
as any tiger's glare.
Shining polished chrome
outlines coral coils,
stars light sunstone revelation.
Lit in sudden beam of tourmaline,
he turns lashing verdite tail
gone, leaving ruby vapour trail.
Hidden in peridot indignation
this cornelian dragon rests,
feeling safe in this crystal space.

You can read more of Abigail's beautiful poetry here and here

Monday, 24 October 2011

Crystal Space

Having spent 25 years (more than half my life) working as a psychiatric nurse, the opportunity arose to realize my dream of opening a crystal shop and healing centre. With the unswerving support of my husband Peter, I decided to take the huge leap from my old and very safe career path with the NHS to something completely new. Although crystals are something I know a little about already, the world of commerce was a foreign country to me. I embarked on some courses with Airedale Enterprise Centre and with a little knowledge of setting up my own business I found what felt to be the perfect space in the village of Silsden, West Yorkshire.

Six months later, ‘Crystal Space’ has become a reality.

With help from my husband and some fantastic local tradesmen, I managed to design and stock the shop the way I had always imagined it would be. And on Thursday 20th October 2011, I opened my front door to members of the public.

From the very beginning I wanted Crystal Space to be much more than just a shop selling crystals. I imagined it as a tranquil space where people could relax and chat amidst an atmosphere of calm.

I also wanted it to have a healing element to it, so upstairs in the mezzanine I have created a  space where guest therapists/healers will come along and provide complimentary therapies for individuals and groups.

The space can also be used for workshops and meetings.

In the main body of the shop there are the most beautiful crystals for sale: 

everything from small tumblestones to large amethyst clusters and caves.

I also have a selection of Buddhas, dragons, crystal balls, incense, essential oils, wall hangings and throws and various ethnic gifts.

There is also a corner of the shop dedicated to the work of my friend and pottery teacher Lizzie Botham, who creates the most enchanting clay witches, cauldrons and cats. Currently there are two of Lizzie's fantastic tall witches on display.

As the weeks roll by I hope to bring you regular news and more photos on this blog about the shop’s progress and the lovely products that I have for sale. I am also hoping to have my website up and running before the end of November where you will be able to view all my products and make purchases if you wish. If you want to make any enquiries before then please do get in touch via email or this blog. Alternatively, you can always come along and see for yourself and experience the unique atmosphere of Crystal Space.